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Franchise Sector still growing: The 2015 Nat West survey into the UK franchise market shows that ·Annual turnover rose by two per cent to £12.65 billion. There are currently 320,000 franchisees 92% of which say they are profitable. "Franchise Market" Contains answers to all the important questions about franchising and why it is successful. Why should you buy a franchise, what should you look for etc. The answers are all here. Best Franchises or Franchising Opportunities

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The purpose of this page is simple: to help people who are looking at investing in a franchise and those already in one (a franchisee) increase the sales and profits of their franchise (any franchise).

The Franchise Market thinks it's important to give you an "insiders" view of the type of strategies that should be applied franchises, to help them flourish.

The Franchise Market is part of The Franchise Group, the largest franchise consultancy company in Europe. We are true experts in franchising.

The Franchisee Fundamental Marketing Principles you are about to read are a selection of the principles used across The Franchise Group to help its clients grow and will give you a flavour of what's capable with any franchise business.

Franchisee Fundamental Marketing Principle 1

Apply The ˜3 Success Keys™

This concept is the number one reason why businesses aren't as successful as they should be. Traditional marketing ignores using ALL 3 Success Keys SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Each Success Key is a crucial part of the 'success jigsaw' that determines the scale of your business growth. And each Success Key must be combined to produce the optimum results.

So what exactly are the 3 Success Keys™?

SUCCESS KEY ONE - Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. You must have a system in place for generating a constant stream of high quality leads (notice the emphasis on 'quality') for your business.

Without these high quality leads your business will struggle to grow at the rate you want it to! No leads means no customers!

SUCCESS KEY TWO - Sales Conversion

Once you've generated high quality leads, your next task is to convert these leads into sales and new customers.

Sales conversion is the simple system we use to logically 'move' the prospect through to becoming a customer.

Surprisingly there are some easy identifiable steps you can take which will help you convert up to 90% of leads into sales (yes, believe me this is possible).

Notice how lead generation and sales conversion are intertwined! There's no point in being able to generate dozens and dozens of high quality leads if you can't convert them into customers.

Conversely there's no point in being very good at sales conversion if you can't generate any leads. These two Success Keys go hand in hand!


You've managed to convert the prospect into a customer. Now you need to hold on to the customer in order to maximise revenue, and to continue to profit from their relationship with you.

Need to take your franchise online, need ppc management, proven track record with new franchise businesses

We call this process 'Re-Selling'.

It is by far the EASIEST and most rewarding Success Key because once you gain a customer it's very easy to sell more and more products or services back to them - as well as getting referrals from them.

Therefore Re-Selling is completely DEPENDENT on both ˜Lead Generation™ AND ˜Sales Conversion™ working effectively. The more customers you get the easier it is to generate more profit by using Re-Selling.

In a nutshell, Re-Selling helps you quickly maximise profits from your customers for little effort or cost.

Typically traditional marketing techniques rely heavily on lead generation. And as a result a business is 66% less effective than it could be using all ˜3 Success Keys"™.

However, Re-Selling remains a very neglected part of most businesses, yet the results are instant - and I mean instant!

Franchisee Fundamental Marketing Principle 2

U.P.B. (Unique Perceived Benefit)

UPB or (Unique Perceived Benefit) is a simple statement that differentiates your business from your competitors in the minds of your customers and prospects. It's what really makes your business ˜stand out from the crowd'™.

Your UPB is what makes the DIFFERENCE between a very successful business and one that never reaches its potential!

I can't stress enough how important this is to you.

How can you expect your prospects or customers to be able to choose you, over and above any of your competitors, if they can't quickly see what it is you do that is so unique and so beneficial to them?

Outstanding businesses have been founded on a UPB alone. For example, here's a very well known UPB from one of the worlds leading franchise organisations:


"Red hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less - guaranteed."

Tom Monahan of Dominos™ Pizza created one of the most successful fast food Franchises in the world from the strength of this UPB.

For a moment just think about what Tom did...

Notice he doesn't say 'the best tasting pizza'. Domino's Pizzas are good, but not the best you can get - what he focuses on is 'what HIS customers (target market) really want'.

And his customers (primarily students living in a 30 minute radius of each Pizza outlet) often buy on impulse so they want 'food' delivered quickly, and food that is hot!

Sure they want the pizza to taste good, but they are prepared to 'suffer' a little on quality for hot pizza delivered quickly!

Notice that UPB is NOT about what you sell. It's about what you can do for your customers.

Franchisee Fundamental Marketing Principle 3

Guarantees (Eliminating the Risk Of Buying The Product Or Service)

As you know, the benefit of any product or service is gained after the sale is made. Sometimes this can be days, weeks, months or even years after the first sale was made. This in itself places an enormous risk on the shoulders of would be customers. It’s this risk that often prevents them from buying.

However, if you lower or eliminate the risk, then the natural consequence is people will be more inclined to buy from you.

That’s the secret of creating guarantees.

The guarantee is nothing more than a simple method that takes the ˜barriers" away from the prospect, and convinces them to buy your product or service.

Here are a couple of diagrams showing how guarantees work:

As soon as you add a guarantee to your business you:

* Remove the risks enabling you to increase sales and acquire more customers
* Automatically differentiate your business from the competition
* And your prospects will value your products/services much more, because they'll automatically assume that you must be excellent at delivering the product/service. After all why would you offer a guarantee if you weren't great?.

The result is a BIG increase in sales and an avalanche of new customers!

Perhaps the following example will demonstrate to you the power of a guarantee:

I saw the following risk reversal when I went to the United States a few years ago. I think it's one of the best guarantees I've ever seen. It's from a pest control company called BBBK. Their guarantee is aimed at hotels and restaurants:

"You don't owe one penny until all the pests on your premises have been eradicated; if you are ever dissatisfied with BBBK's services you will receive a refund for up to 12 months of the company's services plus fees for another exterminator of your choice for the next year.

If a guest spots a pest on your premises, BBBK will pay for the guest's meal or room, send a letter of apology, and pay for a future meal or stay and if your facility is closed down due to the presence of roaches or rodents, BBBK will pay any fines, as well as all lost profits, plus $5,000."

Although I don't know for certain, it's easy to assume several things about BBBK from this guarantee:

* They are very good at pest control.

* Solicitor advice and franchise support
* They understand the concerns of their customers with regard to hygiene.
* They are very successful at attracting new customers!
* They are probably providing very similar services to their competitors. However, they understand risk reversal. Their profits I'm sure will reflect this!

Hopefully you now have a basic grasp of risk reversal and what it can achieve for your business. However, if you've given any thought to the principle a couple of questions may be entering your mind¦

"Won't people try to abuse what I'm offering?" "Won't I lose money using a guarantee?"

The key of course to successful risk reversal is this; if you offer a good product or service then you have nothing to worry about. And remember we wouldn't be working with the client if the products or services sold were anything other than of a good standard.

Unfortunately I cannot say no one will ask for a refund or for their money back (or whatever your risk reversal states). What I can say is that for every one of these, you will attract many more prospects and customers by simply offering a risk reversal in the first place.

Don't worry about this. Your risk reversal strategy is usually the one thing that tips the scales in your favour. Because you offer risk reversal your prospect thinks and assumes the following things about you:

* If they're offering this risk reversal guarantee, they must be very good at what they do.
* They would be ˜stupid" to offer such a guarantee if they were poor at delivering their promises.
* In the prospect's mind the risk reversal has ˜proven"to him or her that you can give them exactly what they need.
* More importantly, when most people choose to buy a product or service, they choose it for perfectly good reasons and intentions. And they spend time making their decision. They wouldn't choose you in the first place if they wanted to capitalise on the risk reversal.

Obviously these are just a few of the many different marketing techniques both a franchisee and the franchisor should be using to ensure the business is successful.

If you are looking at investing in a franchise always remember to ask the franchisor what sales and marketing strategies they have in place to help you grow your business.



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