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Franchise Sector still growing: The 2015 Nat West survey into the UK franchise market shows that ·Annual turnover rose by two per cent to £12.65 billion. There are currently 320,000 franchisees 92% of which say they are profitable. "Franchise Market" Contains answers to all the important questions about franchising and why it is successful. Why should you buy a franchise, what should you look for etc. The answers are all here. Best Franchises or Franchising Opportunities

Ethical Franchising


Ethical Franchising Explained

At The Franchise Market, working in conjunction with The Franchise Doctors, we truly believe we are leading the way in 'Ethical Franchising' - but what exactly do we mean by this?

Here's a quick 12 point check list.

1. Ethical franchising is all about creating a franchise whereby the emphasis is placed squarely on supporting the franchisees to help them succeed

2. It's about creating a franchise where the franchisor's income is directly linked to the success of the franchisees

3. It's about only recruiting franchisees who are suitable for the business - and not selecting them because they can afford to buy into the franchise

4. It's about putting in place support structure that helps the franchisee flourish but more importantly helps them succeed

5. It's about having a fair franchise agreement - where both parties are protected

6. It's about already having a number of tried and tested marketing strategies in place, ready for the franchisee to launch successfully

7. It's about selling a product or service that the franchisee can be proud of

8. It's about setting a fair 'management service fee', so the franchisee truly believes they are getting outstanding value for money, where the franchisor only benefits from the franchisee's success, and not about setting a fixed monthly fee that has nothing to do with the performance and support from the franchisor

9. It's about creating a business for the franchisee which rises in value year by year. We also have a background in troubleshooting businesses in difficulty and therefore advise a more cautious approach to business as we have seen too often the difficulties business owners face when things go wrong.

10. It's about continual improvement of the 'franchise system' so results improve year on year

11. It's about selling a good quality product or service that customers want to recommend to their friends and associates

12. And finally, it's about creating a franchise where everyone private jet charter works together to achieve success for the franchisees

That's what Ethical Franchising means to us - and every one of our clients' franchises possesses ALL these elements. Ultimately Ethical Franchising IS Upside-Down® Franchising

Working directly with us, the developer, our Franchisees enjoy an unprecedented level of support, guidance and training to achieve the highest level of professionalism and service. Visit the BBPDF website here.

Yes, buying a franchise gives you a business based on a proven model. And buying a business gives you independence - the chance to create a successful business and be rewarded for your efforts.


What is franchising?

The term 'franchising' can describe some very different business arrangements. It is important to understand exactly what you're being offered.


We have experience in over 84 franchise systems, we act as a second support group and are considered experts in many franchise business models.

But it just isn't that easy.

Some people (very few) have a natural talent - a flair if you like - and they take to running a business like a duck to water. But even they need support especially when a divorce lawyer is called in!

Therefore, what you need is a franchise that allows you to develop whilst providing you with the support structure to harness your skills and help you create a successful business.


We offer a free no obligation discussion, offering the best practice looking primarily how to best protect the business owner when structuring a business both practically and financially.


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That's why the Upside-Down® Franchising model is so powerful. It automatically builds in a high level of support for the franchisees. And because both the franchisor only succeeds when you do, it's in their interests to create a world-class support mechanism for all franchisees.

So here's the support structure ALL Franchise Doctor clients put in place for their franchisees.

* Clearly Defined Support Spanish Services: The client's management team have a contractual responsibility to provide the support services listed in their franchise contract with you. The Franchise Doctors don't allow any of their clients to be vague in this area. Items such as 'marketing support' etc. are clearly defined and explained - so it leaves no doubt either way what's included (or not). These support services are regularly benchmarked to ensure the client is over-delivering on all fronts.
* Management Service Fee Linked To Support Services: The monthly management service fee (percentage of turnover) is set so it provides outstanding value for every franchisee. By its nature it is closely linked to the level of support provided by the franchisor to help its franchisees succeed.

* Thinking about raising finance for solar panel systems installation franchise?

Things go wrong in business often as a result of lack knowledge in 'worst case scenario' business structuring. We offer in some respect the beauty of hindsight.

* Technical Support Centre: The franchisor provides a high level of technical support to ensure nothing is left to chance from a technical point of view. This may include things like 'Free Technical Help Desks', an 'Extranet' providing easy on-line access to technical information and documents, and of course on-going training.
* Franchisee Support Directors: As part of the Franchise Doctors agreement with a client they provide a minimum of 2 'Franchisee Support Directors' to support franchisees in the development of their own businesses.
Online Sales And Marketing Expertise: A Franchise Doctors Franchisee Support Director will work with you and the other franchisees to improve and add to the already impressive list of proven marketing strategies in place.

Franchises that have been developed using the Upside-Down® Franchising model will all have The Franchise Doctors Seal Of Approval

Franchisors should never sell franchises!

Now I know what you're thinking: he's playing with words here – all franchisors sell franchises – they might talk about "awarding them" but that's just semantics, isn't it? - I don't think so, because it reflects a mindset.



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  • Corporate Identity package including letterheads, business cards, compliment slips
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